Mini ondeh-ondeh volcanoes!

I know, the picture don’t do these mini bites justice. But trust me on the taste. THEY TASTE SO GOOD! Straight warm out of the oven, the pandan cake is soft and fluffy, and the gula melaka filling has that soft sugary chew – from the dessicated coconut!

The baking inspiration this time round came from Cheryl@baking taitai (Insta: baking_taitai). Her minute cupcakes looks so delectable that I have to make these once I acquired the ingredients! (and it wasn’t hard to acquire in Singapore because the ingredients can be found almost everywhere!)

Alright, less with the talking, more with the recipe. So here goes!

Adapted from Baking Taitai

ondeh ondeh cupcake


MacRitchie’s Trek – A Trip Down Nature’s Aisle

Took a trip down to Singapore’s iconic park today – MacRitchie Reservoir Park. But not just the park, but rather, the Tree Top Walk that’s inside the park.

Whew, it was a looooooong walk for a city girl like me. I mean, just to get to the tree top walk, my friend and I took roughly one hour to get in! The walk in was, in my words, mysterious. Because there was construction going on, thus the trail was slightly admended in the beginning and halfway through the trek in, I was really wondering whether we were on the right path. Because it didn’t seem like there was any ending point. So I thank God for my friend, who trudged on and gave me faith that we were on the right path. Right after seeing signs (on signposts) that guided us along the path, we found the bridge! But that was definitely not after a monkey ‘approached’ us, looking for food. Sneaky monkey, taking advantage of his home to seek for food from behind us.

And I thought I was well mentally prepared. Oh well.. I wished I took more pictures of the place though. I did, however, manage to get this on the bridge of the treetop walk.tree top walk.jpg

Nature’s pretty isn’t it? And yes, those are dark clouds you see. Because, 10 minutes after this picture was taken, it started pouring. With thunder and lightning. And so, we got stuck at the Tempinis Hut because we don’t have enough umbrellas. And because I’m afraid to be struck by lighning if we head out just like that. There’s tall trees all around! ><

After waiting out for what seems like a decade (or 30 minutes in human terms), I asked to continue the journey since that rain seemed to let up more; but the thunders still roared. We left that hut to be faced with this …

endless road
Pretty but daunting!

After trudging through puddles and uneven ground to head back to the Ranger’s Station, we decided to deter from the main trail and take a off-beaten path into the main road. Note, main ROAD not main trail. Just right along the dotted path below, between the Ranger Station and the blue star. And boy, that was probably one of the wisest desicion that we made today. Because rain + muddy ground = slippery and longer route. So we walked the main road back from the blue star all the way to the red star. (Do consider this path if only it’s raining because there’s no adventure on this road. Only super fast cars!)map to tree top walkOverall, I’m glad I walked out of my comfort zone of the house into nature and experience these. Nature is really a interesting gift from God. It throws me out of my comfort zone into scenarios that I’m uncomfortable in, but I find myself loving it a little more each time. And I really thank God for keeping us save through the trek. It never did cross my mind that I’ve to pray for the weather because it was just a short trek, but the rain and thunderstorm proved me otherwise.


More details on MacRitchie Reservoir Park can be found below:


First love…

… was unpredictable.

I remember ten years ago, when I was still in high school, my family was about to move. They were about to leave the house that I loved. I refused and resisted. But back then, I didn’t have a choice. So we moved. However, I recall hinting to my parents to include the o*** in the new house.

The day of moving in was 15 July. (no goldfish memory here!) I stepped into the house, searching for the o***. Nope, not there. My heart sank. “Why?!” I asked. “Because it’s expensive” they said.

Fast forward 6 years, on my 21st birthday, one of my friend got me the o***; delivered straight to my house with the help of her bf. WHOA. Tell me how excited I got. The little me inside was literally jumping around while the big me gave blank faces.

And if you haven’t guessed by now, it was an OVEN.

p.s. Ovens are not reaaaaaally expensive in Singapore, but I wanted a built-in one so my parents refused.

And over the years, THE oven has served me well. Though I’m still an amateur baker, but I’ve learnt how to bake for people. Different people have different tastes, and different characters. Learning how to bake and ‘create’ desserts for the various characters around me is definitely tough, but it’s really heart-warming to hear that it suits their taste buds.

On a personal level, baking helped to build my self-esteem. Because in order to share the desserts, I will have to step out and reach out to people first. That was something I was struggling with when I was younger, because speaking has never been my forte. I think my brain moves faster than my vocabulary. So, since the words I say will either always be jumbled up or the meaning would never been brought forward, thus, I always keep my thoughts to myself. The simple opening “Would you like one?” has helped me grow in more ways than I could ever think of.

So yes. Baking. The unpredictable beginner of my baby steps. ♥

 “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose. –Jim Ellliot”